Graham Oaks Nature Park

As a mom it is reassurance, release from worry.

Open-path freedom for young boys to run and ride and play.  Car and neighbor-free release, allowing boys to simply be boys.

As a woman it is escape, a break from needs and demands.

Quiet that drowns out the noise inside my head, a steady pounding of running feet that release my thoughts to wander.

As a person it is peace – open and simple – life as I so often crave it and yet seldom experience.

Graham Oaks Nature Park

New growth and old plans, the design of nature released through human hands.  The release of nature from the design of human hands.

It is open space when space is rarely open.

A nod to nature when convenience dominates the landscape.

It is big and green and unspoiled, and we think it is fantastic.

Welcome to Wilsonville’s Graham Oaks Nature Park, a 250-acre wildlife haven that offers enjoyment to two-legged visitors, as well.  Step inside its nature-packed boundaries and discover an invitation to relax, to play, to interact.

As a family, we spend most of our time on the Tonquin Trail – the park’s expansive and bike-friendly thoroughfare.  Along its length we ride, we run, we linger.  We pause to commune with nature – a spunky praying mantis here, a cuddly woolly bear caterpillar there.   

But Graham Oaks offers far more than the popular paved thoroughfare.  Pet and bike-free spurs wander along oak woodlands, dip through rich conifer forest and guide the reflective to wetlands and a historic oak.

There are picnic benches and plazas.

History and education.

Friendship and conversation.

There is life away from, well, life.  Peace away from pace.

Graham Oaks Nature Park

Graham Oaks Park is one of our family’s get-up-and-go favorites and at every chance of sunshine, we’re sure to enjoy it.  So we hope to see you out there – there’s no question you’ll hear us coming!