Memorial Park

It’s easy to talk about the places you fell in love.

And in Memorial we fell in love.

With Wilsonville, that is.

We visited for two weeks in the summer of 2011 and spent many of our sun-filled days outside, soaking in the precious and glorious moments of Oregon sunshine.  We stumbled across Memorial almost by accident but returned many times, most certainly on purpose.

We love Memorial for all the reasons we love any good park – because in it we feel like the person we really want to be. 

Memorial Park

Casually exploring the manicured grounds we are caught-up in the sights and sounds of childhood delight and we feel vibrant, alive – moving and yet fantastically still.  We feel at peace.  A perfect park on a perfect day and you’re more perfect than you imagine you could be.

Or at least I’d like to think so.

But then again, maybe it’s just plain fun.

And Memorial Park is so fun!

Memorial Park

When we discovered Memorial in 2011 we weren’t even aware it had a gigantic lower section – we’d never laid an eye on a basketball court or athletic field, the dog park or community garden.  We hadn’t set foot on any square inch of the miles of trails.

But we were still in love.

Still are in love.

So once again we invite you to explore the upper area of the park officially known as Murase Plaza. 

Memorial Park

Climb the elaborate play structure in simple childhood delight – or at least watch someone younger do it.  Discover the rustic beauty of the historic barn and take in the shade of one of the many majestic oaks.  Relax and let nature sing.

In 2011 Memorial captured my heart.

And I am still very much in love.