Wilsonville Town Center Park

Some places are just plain cool.

So cool that you feel a little cooler being there – without looking like you’re trying. 

Town Center Park is one of those places.

The place is chic, in a really non-stuck-up kind of way.  And we kinda like that.

A flair for the arts is not just a side-note at Town Center, it’s a park philosophy.  The curved path invites a casual stroll.  The contemporary picnic tables beg for take-out and conversation. 

Wilsonville Town Center Park

Sushi and the meaning of life.  Burgers and some local sports.

The water feature makes the kid in us squeal, the Korean War memorial makes the ‘human’ in us pause and sign.  Or maybe cry.

There’s open space and place space.  And even really nice indoor bathrooms.

Simply put – we’re pretty fond of Town Center Park.  And that’s without even considering all the fun stuff that goes on there!

Wilsonville Town Center Park

The Wilsonville Festival of Arts, Relay for Life, the Rotary Summer Concert Series and Fun in the Park will all bring us back again.. 

Back to Town Center Park.

I think I feel a little ‘cooler’ already.