Wilsonville Public Library

There are times my fingers feel the weight of words yet to come.

Times I want to do it so well, that what I write stands high enough to honor the people I write about.

This is one of those times.

Meet Steven, Sheila, Brad and Terri, the Wilsonville Library’s Youth Services staff.  As a whole they are vibrant, hard-working, imaginative and wildly amusing. 

In a potentially thankless job in front of a potentially demanding audience, they inspire and create and encourage opportunity for the next generation of readers.

Their boss calls them the “best team in the state,” and we’re inclined to agree.

They are pretty amazing.

Wilsonville Public Library

In addition to the behind-the-scenes details of catering to the reading and development needs of Wilsonville residents birth through teens, this dynamic group is just so, well, entertaining.

They organize and perform in schools, carry young brains through the warm months with activity after activity in their Summer Reading Program and break-up the weekly routine with a little piece of kid-heaven known as ‘Storytime.’

Wilsonville Library

With two little ones of my own, I am one of the fortunate adults who have a legitimate excuse to look forward to these performances.

And they are performances!

With costumes and music, props and some creative ‘special effects,’ the Wilsonville’s Youth Services staff manages to not only contain but also entertain a room full of wiggly and excitable children.  And make them care about reading.

And this is not easy.

Because children rarely sit still. 

Wilsonville Library

And yet at these moments at least my children are captivated, excited about reading, drawn in by the magic of story and adventure.  They learn about dragons and race home to read books on more, they see the wonder of weather and head off with further investigation in store.

My kids love storytime almost as much as their mommy.  And I’ve noticed we are not alone.

Hundreds of families each week are touched and inspired by the Wilsonville Library’s dynamic Youth Services Team, and so it is on behalf of these hundreds that we say thanks.

Wilsonville Library

Thanks for drawing on the decades of your experience to create the opportunity for us to experience.

Thanks for planting the seeds of literacy in our city’s young minds and watering them with a passion to learn.

Thanks for valuing out children enough to give them your best.

Because your best is really quite amazing.


To learn more about this amazing team and the events and services they offer, visit the Wilsonville Public Library’s home page here.